Challenger Sale Workshop

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"The most important advance in selling for many years"

Facilitated by:
Michael Hvisdos

A global business strategist and transformation expert

Michael Hvisdos has over 25 years global experience in sales and marketing for fortune 500 companies and startup businesses. A senior facilitator of the challenger model, the original insight-lead sales approach, Michael teaches sales effectiveness using an analytical, research-driven approach, leveraging the proven best practices f the world's leading organizations, He's worked with groups in a variety of industries including: aerospace, automotive, energy, technology and heavy/light manufacturing.

Michael is dynamic, transformational leader who teaches people and businesses how to achieve there full potential.

"There is a healthy dose of constructive tension throughout this brilliant book. Tension that will bring insight and clarity into how customers buy today and how your sales team must sell it!"


Best-Selling Book

"The Challenger Sale shows you how to maintain control of the complex sale. The output of this superbly researched body of work is that you will know how to better differentiate your organization, your offering and yourself in the mind of the customer."